10 reasons businesses choose MATRIX for SAP-Coupa Integration

MATRIX is the preferred solution for integrating SAP and Coupa.

This unique, complete solution comprises:

  • an Integration Platform
  • comprehensive out-of-the-box SAP to Coupa integration
  • the services of Mandant SAP integration experts to support and maintain your integration
  • subscription pricing covering use of the integration plus support and maintenance 24×7
  • bespoke integration work where required

As a result, there are 10 compelling reasons why businesses using both SAP and Coupa should review MATRIX as their integration platform of choice.

  1. The MATRIX Coupa SAP integration is proven
  2. Reduced time to value – with out-of-the-box integration sorted, Coupa customers reap the rewards of their investment in Coupa in a shorter timeframe
  3. Cost effective subscription model – lower cost than other integration methods
  4. One-stop shop for integration – an integration platform with support & maintenance services plus SAP integration expertise all under one roof provides exceptional service levels for business-critical integrations
  5. Choice of integration levels to suit the business need
  6. MATRIX was developed by SAP experts, Mandant who have a broad and deep technical knowledge of SAP ERP and SAP integration methods, utilising standard technologies and forward compatibility
  7. Option of other out-of-the-box integration solutions from the same company*
  8. MATRIX supports both on-premise and cloud-based solutions
  9. MATRIX offer services to develop integration to on-premise or remote legacy systems using the same MATRIX platform
  10. A complete EDI solution is also available as standard

* Other MATRIX integrations include SAP HMRC reporting (MTD), SAP to Salesforce, SAP to SuccessFactors, SAP to Workday, SAP to Concur, Coupa to Oracle, Coupa to CDK Autoline.

To find out more, download our eBook or request a demo of MATRIX SAP to Coupa integration.

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