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Our History

Mandant was founded in 1999 by a group of SAP UK technology consultants. At the time, just before the NetWeaver innovation had started, we had realised that technology was going to be play an ever greater and important part in the future strategy and direction of SAP. Therefore Mandant was formed as a company with a single primary focus – SAP Technology. As Mandant has grown our focus and values are undiluted, we’ve never lost sight of the important role that experience plays in everything we do.

In 2006 the foundation for our MATRIX platform was born in response to a need for a UK SAP hosted solution for Inland Revenue e-Filing. Since then with the increasing demand for cloud applications and the adoption of integration technology for SAP business solutions – MATRIX has evolved, and now built on the latest HANA technology has grown to become the leading choice for SAP Cloud Integration Platforms.

Our Markets

Mandant’s market focus is primarily the UK, though with our unrivalled technical skills and portfolio of multi-national clients we also frequently undertake projects across Europe and further afield including, North and South America, and Asia.

Wherever we work, we pride ourselves on matching technical experience with business understanding. Unlike some consultancies, we don’t constrain ourselves to a particular vertical market; we work extensively within both the public sector and private sector and our technical abilities span all business areas.

UK government (both local and central) and defence organisations will be reassured that Mandant consultants have gained full government security clearance and have been involved with many government and defence related projects.

It is this breadth and depth of SAP Technology skills that has attracted other major consultancies and SAP UK&I, who use our consultants to complement their own skills in the most technical and complex projects with the latest technology. Our flexibility means we can work effectively alongside other SAP consultancies, or deal directly with clients in our own right.

Our Work Ethos

Directness and accessibility are qualities we strive to maintain. When you call Mandant you’ll speak one-to-one with a consultant who will understand your business and technical issues, and who will likely be the one to implement the right solution for you. We run a lean business, and don’t believe in putting managers between our consultants and you. It’s this streamlined structure that makes our services such good value.

Equally important to us, and highly valued by our customers, is our independence and integrity. Every customer that comes to us will get high quality, independent advice on what is the most appropriate solution to meet their needs.

Like you, we have high standards, and we earn our reputation with every project. In each dealing with Mandant you’ll be convinced of our strong work ethic, undiluted technical expertise, value for money and ability to deliver – no matter how technical the project.