Choosing your SAP Systems Integrator – 20 questions you should ask

With several choices of integration method and many different SAP integration specialists, how do you go about choosing the right partner to help with your SAP integration projects?

Before you start speaking to anyone, it’s a good idea to draw up the following documents:

  • A scope of work
  • Your business case for the integration work
  • An outline of the project milestones and desired go live date

Armed with that information, here’s a list of 20 questions you might find useful when deciding which SAP System Integrators would best meet your needs:

  1. Do they have a deep technical knowledge of SAP – data mapping, integration points, optional integration methods?
  2. Can they help me build a business case for the integration work?
  3. What experience do they have with integrating SAP to my other business systems?
  4. Do they have that experience in my industry?  (That may or may not be important:  if the integration involves processes that are exclusive to your industry sector, then some experience would be an advantage.)
  5. Do they have reference customers for me to speak to?
  6. Do they agree with my business case?  Is there anything that they can add to it?
  7. Are they comfortable with our desired scope of work, milestones and desired go live date?  Any concerns?
  8. Who will be allocated to our project and what skills and accreditations do those individuals have?
  9. What implementation methodology do they use? Does their approach fit with our project management processes?
  10. Will they be crafting the integration from scratch or do they have some tools to use as a starting point?
  11. If they use a tool, how much of the integration work we need is available “out-of-the-box”?
  12. Will they provide ALL the tools and services that we need?
  13. How good a fit is that “out-of-the-box” solution to our exact needs?
  14. How will they carry out the work?  inhouse specialists / off shore / outsourced
  15. What will they do to ensure that the SAP integration work is “future-proofed”?
  16. How will the integration be supported once the project is completed?
  17. Will your integration partner deliver integration to best practice standards?
  18. What is the cost profile for the duration of the project and beyond?
  19. Can they provide a complete turnkey solution?  Will they need to access my technical team or can I simply outsource the entire project?
  20. Can they work with my existing IT / SAP implementation team?

In most cases, having an integration tool will shorten the project, future-proof it AND reduce costs.

Some SAP systems integrators use third party integration platforms, but MATRIX is a little different.  We have a SAP integration platform, SAP integration specialists and SAP integration support specialists all under one roof.

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