Reduce SAP Infrastructure Costs – Cloud Integration

73% of IT professionals from small-medium sized enterprises say that SAP integration in the cloud has reduced the cost of their IT infrastructure (Forbes)

An IPaaS requires no investment in hardware, reduces software costs, and, in the case of MATRIX, eliminates the need for integration expertise to develop and maintain interfaces.

Infrastructure cost reduction: A complete cloud integration solution drastically reduces the infrastructure required when compared to on-premise or traditionally hosted middleware, and associated operational costs are also removed completely.

Software license cost reduction: Many traditional on-premise integration solutions involve high licensing costs. IPaaS solutions offer out-of-the-box integration for a monthly subscription, which is generally much lower than the ongoing license maintenance costs associated with a traditional platform. You pay for what you use, and not for having something available to use.

Reduction in the cost of in-house integration skills and expertise:  Some IPaaS platforms still require significant expertise to make the integration work.  They are in effect a cloud integration toolset.  Uniquely the MATRIX IPaaS solution includes the SAP integration expertise needed to build, enhance, deploy and support your integration as and when you need it – all based on a simple cloud subscription pricing model which includes services, reducing the need to have dedicated in-house integration expertise.

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Why your organisation needs a cloud-based integration solution

  • Why you should use a cloud-based integration solution
  • What integration options makes sense for your IT organisation
  • The benefits of Cloud vs On-Premise integration
  • Security Considerations
  • A summary of the Matrix Solution

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Unlocking Your SAP Integration Challenges

  • SAP integration alternatives
  • The benefits of MATRIX
  • The positive impact MATRIX can have on business transformation projects

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