SAP and Coupa Integration – A Case Study

Like the idea of Coupa, but worried about integration with existing applications? We explain why BMW believed Mandant offered the ideal solution

There has been a lot of buzz around Coupa since it launched in 2006, and with good reason. Combining ease of use with comprehensive spend management functionality, it offers full visibility, control and management of procurement spend whilst saving employees valuable time and maximising purchasing efficiency.

German carmaker BMW is among the many high-profile business that have chosen to implement Coupa. Rob Bernshteyn, chairman and CEO at Coupa commented. “Coupa offered BMW Group a best-in-class, user-centric platform that would gain maximum adoption across the company. We are thrilled to welcome such an iconic and admired brand to our growing community and look forward to helping them deliver measurable business value.”

One of Coupa’s main selling points is speed – as a cloud-based service, it can be up and running faster than many traditional solutions. However, taking the decision to implement Coupa is not without some concerns. We know from talking to our clients that the major barriers are threefold:

  1. How Coupa will integrate with existing ERP systems 
  2. The time required to develop and implement ERP system integration
  3. Who will do it

Let’s deal with each of these concerns in turn.

  1. First there’s the question of integration. Misaligned IT systems cause operational headaches that can be catastrophic for business. At the same time, any business wanting to maintain a commercial advantage must keep IT development at the forefront of its priorities. From time to time, it is essential to invest in new technology and bring new systems online. Integration is more important now than ever before, and Mandant’s MATRIX Cloud Platform, built on SAP HANA technology, provides proven integration with Coupa and SAP, whether it’s using your own servers or hosted in the cloud. Basically, our customers can relax because we know it works.
  2. Second, we understand that time is precious. There are very few times when it is feasible to make large scale changes, which means implementing system integration must be as fast as possible. MATRIX is pre-configured for Coupa so set-up couldn’t be simpler – it’s as close to ‘off the shelf’ Coupa integration as possible.
  3. And finally there is the question of technical expertise. Mandant has years of expertise both in SAP and Coupa integration and can therefore offer solutions to all businesses, from organisations with no existing integration capability to those with their own integration platform and resources who want a proven solution in the shortest possible time. Mandant can provide your business with all the benefits of expert knowledge, while using MATRIX means you can start using Coupa without trying to develop a bespoke solution from within your own IT department, with all the added time and unknown costs that could incur.

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