Why IT directors choose MATRIX SAP-Coupa out-of-the-box integration

Forward thinking companies who want go beyond the functional scope of their core ERP system and take advantage of cloud-based applications such as Coupa, face some typical integration challenges:

  • What integration technology should we use?
  • Can we build and support it in-house or should we outsource it?
  • What are the lifetime costs including build, hosting, maintenance and support?
  • How long will it take before we can go live?
  • Who will maintain our integrations when SAP or Coupa update their software?
  • How do we uncover any hidden costs right from the start?

IT directors have a seat at the board table because of their important role in delivering business performance improvements and competitive edge.

Their goal is to demonstrate that a progressive approach to adopting new services whilst reducing IT costs.
The modern IT department concern themselves with two main questions:

“What is the ROI?” and

“How will this integrate with our core business systems and processes?”

By definition, integration is still more often thought about as a “bespoke” project rather than another off-the-shelf solution purchase. With the many integration platforms on the market, never has there been a whole solution which offers organisations the complete solution.

Until now….

Coupa recommends MATRIX to provide out-of-the box integration between Coupa and SAP

MATRIX is a secure, robust and flexible cloud integration platform built on the latest SAP HANA technology.

The MATRIX Cloud Platform is pre-configured for Coupa – so minimal configuration is required

Simply plug-in and go…

Every organisation’s IT department we talk to, discover that an in-house solution could not compete with MATRIX integration solution: value for money, expertise, global support and peace-of-mind shine through and make the decision an easy one to make.

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