SAP HR Integration – the key to successful HR Transformation

PwC’s 2017 Global HR Technology Survey found that 73% of organisations have at least one HR process operating in the cloud – a 5% increase in the past two years.

They also found that one-third of those still using on-premise HCM applications are actively planning their migration to the cloud in the next 12-18 months.

Just as client-server replaced the mainframe, cloud apps are replacing on-premise software, but there is a significant difference….

We’ve moved into an era of niche solutions:

  • an ERP system for the core HR activities
  • a separate Talent Management solution
  • an expenses system that works on mobiles
  • building access systems linked to HR
  • payroll
  • time-recording
  • and a plethora of other systems.

Gone are the days of lengthy systems implementations.  Today’s cloud based apps often have user experience at the forefront of the designers’ minds.  They have intuitive screen layouts, user preferences, shortcuts and as a result – rapid uptake.

The issue comes when HR leaders select the systems that promise to fulfil their desire for HR transformation, but integration work stands in the way.

The problem isn’t even the integration itself – most applications come with APIs and other built in methods to facilitate easy integration.  The problem is that someone needs to make it happen.

With a vast array of integration methods, the IT department has to become skilled in many different areas.

And then there is the choice of how businesses make a transition to new software.

For example, we have seen that SAP-based companies have opted for one of three main approaches in their move to take advantage of SuccessFactors:

  • A Talent Management Hybrid approach (implementing SuccessFactors Talent Management alongside SAP HCM)
  • A Mix & Match approach (implementing SuccessFactors cloud based software in countries where the core SAP HCM system didn’t previously exist)
  • A Transition from HCM to cloud based SuccessFactors Employee Central, linked to other core SAP ERP modules where appropriate

Of course, any of those approaches has to factor in the other parts of the HCM jigsaw – benefits provider systems, time and attendance software and payroll for example – and the result is several points of integration to create, migrate and manage.

So, to simplify integration issues, we developed MATRIX to provide a single out-of-the box solution to SAP integration:

  • SAP on-premise applications
  • SAP cloud applications
  • SuccessFactors
  • Full standard SAP HMRC integration
  • In-house applications
  • Other cloud applications
  • And many more…

MATRIX relieves the IT department of the need to develop integration solutions, allowing them to support a strategic approach to HR transformation.  We achieve this by providing:

  • Pre-built integration scenarios between SAP and other leading applications both cloud and on-premise
  • Pre-built integration to HMRC and SAP cloud applications
  • SAP integration expertise to build integration between any other legacy or third party applications
  • Full implementation support both pre and post go-live

…all that with a cloud subscription that provides a lower cost of ownership when compared with any other integration methods – guaranteed!

To find out more, read our eBook “Unlocking Your SAP Integration Challenges”.