SAP integration with non SAP systems – 7 ways to reduce the cost

  1. Adoption of cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) integration is growing.

Over the next three years it is forecast that between 21% and 30% of applications will be SaaS-based, and 62% of CRM systems will be cloud based by 2018 (Forbes).  Companies running on-premise solutions such as SAP are preparing themselves for changes to their integration infrastructure, and Gartner Inc. predicts that 35% of large and midsized enterprises will be using some type of IPaaS offering within the next couple of years.

Using a cloud-based integration platform can bring a wealth of business benefits to your organisation, including making significant cost savings in a number of areas.

A survey of IT professionals from small-medium sized businesses using cloud solutions showed that cost savings is the primary benefit of moving to the cloud, with 73% claiming that a cloud solution has significantly reduced the cost of their IT infrastructure. (Forbes)

MATRIX is a secure, robust, flexible integration platform as a service hosted entirely in the cloud, which seamlessly connects on-premise SAP applications with cloud applications such as, Concur and Workday to name just a few.

The MATRIX Cloud Platform is built from the ground up on SAP HANA technology enabling your business to integrate more quickly and effectively, reducing costs in several different areas.

What are the cost savings of using MATRIX for SAP Integration? ‏

1: SAP Configuration: MATRIX isn’t just a platform! It, unlike MuleSoft, Boomi etc., comes with all the standard SAP methods for messaging and communication as well as experienced SAP business integration resource to deliver the full integration solution.  And, with the cloud already built, this creates a significant time and cost saving in SAP connectivity. MATRIX runs on SAP HANA, so you know that performance and scalability is never going to be a problem.

2: Connectivity: The connection between MATRIX and other cloud applications such as Salesforce, Coupa, Workday, Oracle, HMRC, Concur etc. has also been pre-built, saving further development and integration costs as well as maintenance of multiple connections from your SAP environments and internal networks.

3: Software licensing: Many traditional on-premise integration platforms involve high licensing costs. This includes the cost associated with the platform, as well as the costs of the application software. MATRIX offers out-of-the-box connectivity for a monthly fee, which is much lower than the ongoing license maintenance cost associated with a traditional platform.  You pay for what you use, and not for having something available to use.

4: Labour savings: Unlike many integration platforms, MATRIX does not need expensive technical resources to configure and code integration end points. Pre-built standard integration templates reduce implementation time. MATRIX has connections to the leading and trending cloud applications which furthermore reduces labour costs.

5: Hardware: MATRIX is a complete cloud based platform and infrastructure which reduces the volume of servers and storage required when compared to on premise middleware. Hardware maintenance for on premise middleware is removed completely.

6: Maintenance and upgrades: MATRIX comes as a fully managed service so there is no need to worry about additional maintenance and upgrade costs. These are carried out for you by Mandant as part of the service for no additional cost.

7: Single solution for both “out of the box” and “custom built” integrations:  The MATRIX team have the skills to create bespoke integrations to SAP. That ability to have all integrations maintained and supported by a single vendor on a subscription basis gives financial advantage to those wanting to spread the cost of integration work.

Selecting MATRIX as your cloud integration solution will save you money in all of these areas, and the flexible pricing model can be tailored to suit your business systems integration, budgets and demands.

The MATRIX Cloud Platform has the potential to offer significant savings in the running of your SAP applications.  To find out more about:

  • SAP integration alternatives
  • The benefits of MATRIX
  • The positive impact MATRIX can have on business transformation projects

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