Technology, as a vehicle toward business transformation has taken centre-stage over the last decade. This is attributable to the sweeping changes that are a consequence of the digital revolution, which seems to touch every aspect of our lives. For some, our new global “always on” culture – and everything that comes with it – may feel like too much too soon; while for others, this new world is a veritable utopia.

While common SAP integration challenges like cost, security, availability of expertise and return on investment (ROI) have been deterrents to building more integrated business solutions, the time to move beyond them has never been more opportune.


Because we now have the tools to surpass perceived boundaries. Business leaders understand the need to eliminate silos that prevent organisations from integrating their information. Business stakeholders – employees, trading partners and others – are demanding timely access to information. Integration and collaboration have never been more important to gaining a competitive advantage as markets compete at elevated levels of efficiency, agility and scalability.

Cloud technology, in its various definitions, has laid the stepping stones for the continuous delivery of more powerful, agile and scalable business technologies. The MATRIX Cloud Platform is a business solution designed and developed with integration between multiple platforms as the cornerstone of its functionality.

Built on SAP HANA technology, by design and integration experts with an acute understanding of the connecting technologies that bring disparate systems together, MATRIX acts as the trusted bridge between the leading software applications, giving organisations true integration that goes beyond its four walls, resulting in unmatched performance capabilities.

This eBook focuses on the attributes of the MATRIX cloud-based integration solution. It demonstrates the far reaching business value that our integration platform as a service (IPaaS) combined with specialised SAP integration expertise brings to our customers from a vast range of industries.

For technologists, the new digital world is awash with opportunity to re-think entrenched business cultures that often act as barriers to progress. And the time to challenge old truisms has never been more ideal.