Selling your 3rd party software to SAP users

If you supply software that supplements or complements SAP functionality, then you’ll already know that no matter how good your software is, somebody is going to ask about your SAP integration capability.

Questions you may be asked include:

  1. Do you have integration to SAP?
  2. Is it proprietary or do you make use of SAP’s own integration tools?
  3. Do you have SAP certification?
  4. Will it integrate with all versions of SAP (both on premise and cloud versions)?
  5. Is it future-proofed on both sides of the integration?
  6. How much will it cost?
  7. Can someone do bespoke integration work?
  8. Who will support all the above?
  9.  ….and more!

All these questions are asked because the SAP customer KNOWS they need specialist software solutions to satisfy the user need for efficiency and success, but doesn’t want to be supporting a myriad of different integration methods and platforms.  They understand the difficulties of SAP integration with non SAP systems.

They don’t want to encounter any hassles when you or SAP upgrade their software.

They want to be sure it will work, is secure and will be supported going forward.

AND, many SAP customers want the freedom to move from on premise to cloud in their own timescale – again without worrying about integrations.

That is exactly why MATRIX was invented.  Unlike other integration tools, MATRIX comes with experienced SAP integration consultants who build and support integration between ANY version of SAP and ANY other software.

The MATRIX Advantage:

– FIXED PRICE integrations written for your software into SAP (and others)

– SAP integration platform built on SAP Hana

– handles any mix of on premise and cloud integrations

– bespoke integrations taken care of by us at a fixed price

– all integrations are future-proofed – upgrades are taken care of by us

– experienced SAP integration consultants on hand

– global support services based here in the UK

– assistance with SAP certification

We’ve created integrations between SAP and Salesforce, and between Coupa and SAP, and many more.

Whether you already have an integration in place or not, you may find it beneficial to consider the MATRIX approach.  It’s a little different to our competitors since we provide a SAP integration platform, SAP integration consultancy AND global support from our UK headquarters.

That makes us easy to deal with, reliable and responsive for those software companies and end users who desire a single point of contact for all their integrations.

For your sales team, we provide two ways to accelerate the sales cycle:

1 – having robust, secure, proven, of-the-shelf integration to SAP

2 – SAP certification for your integration opens up opportunities for those who research options on the SAP partner portal

If you’ve read this far, I can only guess that you could be a software company interested in SAP integration.  Even if you have some customer integrations already under your belt, looking at MATRIX as an approach could prove to be very cost advantageous.

Just imagine…. all you need to do is sell your software.

Having a robust, future-proofed, secure integration to SAP will naturally help to open doors for you.

With the MATRIX badge of honour tacked onto your software platform, you’re ready to approach any SAP user in any country with your product, KNOWING that whatever integration they desire, you can supply via MATRIX.


The next step would be to arrange a meeting with one of our integration experts to discover how we can work together.

If we agreed to go ahead, we will build standard integrations to SAP.  You can then market your product with SAP integration, and sell your software along with a fixed price integration license from MATRIX to cover the standard integrations, bespoke integrations and support.

Go on, take that first step and arrange a discovery session – click here to request a call-back, or contact Gary directly.

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