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SAP Architecture

Specialist expertise with unrivalled experience in SAP Technology – we can design and build the best technical solution and platform to provide the crucial foundation for your SAP Business Solution and SAP investment.

SAP Integration

Skills gaps are inevitable with rapidly evolving SAP Technology and many organisations seek reassurance that their projects will deliver the solutions they have been promised. We can provide ‘one off’, short term or long term engagements tailored around your requirements.

SAP Support

We are the experts in making disparate, non-proprietary technologies work together – we differ from other Consultancies in our ability to improve business processes using innovative solutions and SAP Technology.

SAP Development

We can build solutions which others find difficult or even impossible to achieve as we have the knowledge and experience needed to design and build even the most complex or demanding SAP landscapes.

SAP Platform

Mandant has worked with many organisations ranging from SMEs through to international corporations across all major industry sectors, and we can deliver those same services and experience to your organisation – helping you to realise the return on your SAP investment.

SAP Hosting

We can be a strategic advisor, an experienced member of your implementation team, or we can even act in an independent role to oversee your existing consulting partners. Whatever the specific role we will ensure that yours risks are minimised and we’ll take full responsibility for delivering our part of your solution.


Easy SAP Integration – Guaranteed

Connecting your non-SAP systems and cloud applications to your SAP landscape can improve business processes, drive efficiency and help you gain access to information more easily; but technical integration to fulfil business needs can be challenging. With a myriad of software, tools and standards – and typically within SAP there are multiple ways of achieving the same end result, so choosing the wrong approach can be time consuming and at worst costly. That’s why it’s important to choose a Consultancy who specialise in SAP integration technology and who have unparalleled experience in integrating SAP systems – that’s why you choose Mandant.

Scalable, Versatile & Robust – We have completed integration projects in all industries and on all scales, from a simple interface completed in a single day through to complex strategic integration landscapes taking months to fully implement. It’s unusual for us to find something we haven’t already previously integrated with SAP. Projects include integration for cloud applications, on-premise applications, supply chain solutions, e-commerce websites, EDI solutions and most of the major non-SAP applications, including Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

Support & Hosting

A flexible support service with 24x7x365 coverage

Support That’s As Good As It Gets – In addition to our expert Consulting Services Mandant offers a range of comprehensive and flexible support solutions. We can offer packages which include platform support including Basis, development support, integration support, and cross application support; across the full SAP product set including the NetWeaver and Business Suite. Contact us for more details.

To complement our support offering we also offer hosting in our private cloud. As part of our investment in our Matrix Cloud Platform we have substantial capability to host single SAP demonstration or sandpit systems through to the hosting of complete SAP landscapes with full disaster recovery capability. Our hosting also includes full management and support of your systems – so all you have to worry about is running your business. For more information on the options available please contact us.


Onshore SAP Development Expertise – Delivering the Right Solution. Mandant’s SAP development capability is second to none – offering tailored solutions to meet your needs. We employ some of the most experienced SAP developers in the UK who pride themselves on delivering high quality and cost-effective bespoke development.

Using consistent development strategies, standards and practices our developers are able to work closely with you through each phase of a project, from solution design right through to production deployment, ensuring your exact requirements are met. Our service is designed to minimise risk and ensure your project does not disrupt your day to day operations.

And finally we can help you ensure that any modifications and enhancements applied to your SAP landscape continues to perform effectively. In short, we guide you through every step in the development process.


Gain Peace of Mind & Identify Quick Wins

Whether you employ your own in-house team of SAP specialists or engage the services of an external partner to manage your day to day operations, it is essential that the principal systems you rely on for running your business are in good shape and aligned with your changing business needs. By engaging independent SAP technical expertise you can achieve peace of mind that your systems are in safe hands, your budget is being invested wisely, and that you are heading in the right strategic direction to serve the needs of your business, both in the short and long term future.

Prevention rather than Cure – Whilst on-going system monitoring and checks are routine, SAP users are increasingly seeking to ensure their SAP systems and strategy are in the best possible shape for good reason. Independent research suggests that the ‘real’ cost of a poorly performing SAP system or worse still a production system ‘outage’ can be far reaching.

Improve Performance, Resilience and reduce TCO – Having worked with hundreds of SAP clients it is almost inevitable that we will recognize opportunities to improve performance, resilience or reduce TCO, sometimes all of these. Our experience, professional ethics and independence are an unbeatable combination to allow for the greatest benefits to be derived.


The architecture of SAP solutions is even more important today with more complex SAP landscapes and solutions, and the advent of cloud solutions. Therefore it’s more important than ever to work with SAP Architects who not only have a deep understanding of SAP Technology but also understand complimentary technology and solutions, and the strategic and future direction of SAP Technology.

At Mandant we offer Architects who not only have many years of SAP Technology experience but also understand the bigger picture when it comes to translating business requirements into SAP based solutions. We will look at your short and long term goals and help you build the right framework for your SAP landscape.

Too many times we see customers who have engaged partners or individual consultants who do not fully understand what it really takes to implement SAP Technology properly – our differentiator is that we are the SAP Technology experts with a proven track record.