Shortcuts to business transformation


Most short-cuts end up causing more work, or driving less benefit in the long run.  Some common shortcuts can include:

  • not fully examining the impact on suppliers
  • avoiding detailed process reviews
  • skimping on training
  • keeping changes to the bare minimum
  • going live with the first phase….then stopping
  • avoiding a lengthy integration project

The last one is OK.  Yes, you can avoid a lengthy integration project! 

MATRIX offers the modern organisation the right tools to achieve true agility while safeguarding its information assets with next-generation business solutions.

Here is what our cutting-edge integration solution can do for your business:

  • An agnostic platform designed to bring your business’ internal and external stakeholders together
  • Data sharing across the business and with partners for closer collaboration
  • Adaptability that meets the changing demands of the modern enterprise
  • Alleviate reliance on large IT staff / smarter deployment of resources
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Performance dashboard and powerful data visualisations
  • Massive reduction in CAPEX spending and higher ROI on technological investment
  • Across the board visibility and accountability for staff and business performance evaluation and improvement
  • Greater systems flexibility to adopt new services and external market pressures
  • And, of course…. better business processes

With different roads to adoption available, businesses have a wide choice of integration “vendors” and methodologies – all of which possess their own advantages and disadvantages. With MATRIX, there are no disadvantages, plain and simple. Our focus is on delivering world-leading business solutions so our customers can shift their business into higher gear.

MATRIX is your partner in rapid and sustainable business solutions fused with SAP’s industry-leading backend platforms and cutting edge cloud platforms – built to take your business into tomorrow and beyond.

To find out more about MATRIX, download our eBook “Unlocking Your SAP Integration Challenges.”