Many third party software companies seek SAP Certified Integration.  It gives an opportunity for business growth as SAP customers actively seek partners who have certified integration.

There are marketing benefits (the SAP Certified Logo) and online listing in the SAP partner directory shows your status as opposed to your competitors.  As well as searching by country and language, SAP users are encouraged to search by certification type.

You can also be listed on the SAP APP Centre and obtain the “Certified” banner across your brand icon.

On top of that is that extra element of trust that is provided to potential customers by having your software SAP Certified, which can help accelerate sales cycles and certainly promises a speedier implementation.

Yet, a quick look in the partner directory at applications by business function – HR applications, Finance apps and the like – shows that relatively few have SAP Certified Integration.

If you drill down further and look for companies with S/4HANA integration the number of competing companies shrinks further.

Furthermore, when you look at those companies, there are more toolsets and reporting addons than there are real business functional applications in there.

This represents a huge opportunity for third party software vendors, but how do you get SAP Certified Integration?

There is a clear process, starting with the SAP Application Readiness Check which provides a detailed list of pre-requisites and criteria to be documented.

But first, you need to have a robust integration to SAP!

Each integration needs to be certified in it’s own right, so if you use multiple integration methods – eg  one for cloud and one for on premise – you may need separate certifications for each.

Here’s how we can help:

  • We can create a SINGLE integration using our MATRIX Integration Platform (based on SAP HANA) that will work with ALL versions of SAP – whether on premise or in the cloud.
  • We can provide advice and guidance to obtain the SAP Integration Certification – having gone through the process before.

So, to get ahead of the competition, call us today and ask about our SAP Integration Certification services.

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