18 questions to ask cloud service providers

Gartner estimates that less than one in three enterprises has a documented cloud strategy, yet in a Gartner post from mid 2016, they stated that “by 2020, a corporate “no-cloud” policy will be as rare as a “no-internet” policy is today”.

We are seeing an increasing number of CIOs who are seriously looking at migrating their SAP on premise applications to the cloud and are reviewing which partners can help them make that move successfully. We’ve been approached to assist with their integration strategy as part of the overall plan to move SAP to the cloud, and got involved in discussions about all areas of SAP cloud migration along the way.

We’d like to share with you some of the things we think you should consider when choosing a cloud service provider for your SAP migration:

  1. What are the security benefits of moving to (your) cloud solution?
  2. Where is the data physically located?
  3. What encryption facilities do we need for accessing the cloud?
  4. Is our data ringfenced?
  5. Will anyone else have access to our data?
  6. Are they database agnostic or do I need to convert to their chosen platform?
  7. Where will the data reside?
  8. What performance guarantees do they give?
  9. How secure are any network connections?
  10. How easy is it to add / remove components of my software footprint?
  11. Will they support you in all the territories I operate from?
  12. What support do they give with migrations to and from their cloud offering?
  13. Will I have local contacts such as service delivery and account management?
  14. Will I be able to talk to the actual people supporting my sap landscape?
  15.  Can both my sap estate and non-sap estate sit together in the same “Cloud”?
  16. Does my “Cloud provider” have history, longevity and Financial security?
  17. Can the “Cloud provider” offer both private and public options, and “mix & match”?
  18. Does this provider work with an integration specialist to provide a seamless and complete migration solution?

We are working closely with successful cloud service provider, T-Systems, to provide a complete package of integration and migration skills for SAP cloud migration. Download our eBook for a comprehensive review of SAP cloud migration and information about how we are addressing the 8 most common barriers to moving SAP to the cloud.