MATRIX IPaaS and T-Systems Private Cloud –simplifying SAP cloud migration

T-Systems and MATRIX have agreed a partnership to support SAP customers as they transition from on premise to the cloud. That support starts with assistance on business case and strategy and continues through support and maintenance for life.

Together we have discussed the prospect of moving SAP from on premise to the cloud with many companies, each of whom has their own issues and concerns to be addressed. We gathered our findings and co-authored an eBook based on the top 8 barriers to moving SAP to the cloud.

We believe that MATRIX and T-Systems delivers a complete solution for those considering moving their SAP applications to the cloud.

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to when and how to migrate SAP to the cloud, but we believe that the combination of MATRIX cloud integration platform, T-Systems cloud service options and SAP expertise from both companies provides the flexibility and choice that many CIOs desire, including:

Turnkey integration strategy

MATRIX cloud integration platform is built on SAP HANA and supports SAP on premise customers with both the integration requirements they have need now, and will need in the future as they transition from SAP on premise to SAP in the cloud.

Uniquely, Matrix comes with all the project management, development and support services that are needed to create bespoke integration, integration between SAP and non-SAP solutions, and integration between SAP in the cloud and SAP on premise. It is the complete “turnkey” “pay per use” SAP integration solution

Robust SAP expertise

MATRIX is built for SAP. We have SAP certifications in place for all standard integrations that are delivered out of the box. MATRIX standard and any bespoke integrations are built by people with extensive SAP integration experience.

T-Systems also have several SAP certifications, including a global partnership in build & run as well as a SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Certificate (gained in 2013). T-Systems is a member of the SAP Adaptive Computing Council and their SAP projects have been winners of several pinnacle awards.

Depth and breadth of cloud management experience

T-Systems has been providing a private cloud platform “Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions” for over 10 years and since 2016 have offered a public cloud infrastructure “Open Telekom Cloud” that meets European Data Protection standards.

According to PAC, T-Systems is operating the largest cloud hosting platform for SAP services globally, as over 3.5 million users rely on T-Systems cloud services.

Recognising that companies who run SAP almost without exception will need to consider integrations as a cornerstone to their migration to the cloud, the T-Systems Matrix partnership sets out to provide not only reliable cloud hosting and a complete cloud integration platform, but also a comprehensive set of services to deliver, support and maintain SAP and SAP integration in the cloud.

Read our joint eBook to find out about some of the ways we help CIOs break down the barriers to moving SAP to the cloud. Download your copy here.