SAP integration with non SAP systems – 10 benefits of MATRIX iPaaS

According to Gartner, “As the use of cloud services mature – and usage is skyrocketing – there will be more and more of a need to aggregate multiple services to look like one, integrate between services, customize services for a specific industry or enterprise, and govern those services efficiently and with the right level of security.”

Given the growth in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) across all areas of business, there is a huge demand for SAP integration with non SAP systems.  It’s no surprise, therefore, that the Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) model is growing rapidly.

So why should your IT team choose MATRIX for your next SAP Integration project?

1. “Out-of-the-box” integrations. MATRIX provides an “out-of-the-box” solution for many different SAP integration scenarios including SAP Salesforce integration, SAP Coupa integration, SAP Concur integration, SAP Success Factors integration, SAP MTD approved by HMRC, SAP EDI and more.

2. Integration between cloud-based and on-premises software – not just cloud-to-cloud applications integration.

3. MATRIX isn’t just a toolset, it’s a complete managed solution for integration. Our SAP integration experts can even create bespoke integration scenarios using the same MATRIX platform.  Our support services provided SAP experts ensure that MATRIX is a complete managed integration solution, removing your dependency on maintaining in-house specialist knowledge.  We take care of all support, maintenance and updates to the integrations that we create.

4. Pay for what you use. MATRIX iPaaS can help you significantly reduce your IT spend, rather than investing in an on-premise platform and integration tools that might only be used for for a small number of integration scenarios, choose MATRIX it’s priced based on usage.

5. Future-proofing. As business needs change you can easily expand your use of MATRIX with little or no impact to your IT Department.

6. Scalability.  MATRIX provides up or downward scalability according to business demands.

7. Speedy ROI. Once a business decision is made which requires system or application integration, business stakeholders turn their attention to the cost, speed and return on investment.  As MATRIX can be deployed rapidly, we can guarantee you a faster route to real ROI.

8. Better IT staff utilization. By outsourcing the complexities of supporting and maintaining an a specialized on-premise integration solution, your IT staff can be used to perform and support more core business functions.

9. Guaranteed service levels. 24/7/365 availability of the organisation’s information assets.

10. Elevating IT to a strategic role. Externally managed systems turn in-house IT departments into innovation incubators.

Need more information about cloud based SAP integration? Download our guide:

Unlocking Your SAP Integration Challenges.